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Garage Beverages is focused on, on-shore sourcing & targeted import replacement; reducing the overall carbon footprint of what we use, what we make and what goes into the market.

Garage Beverages is focused on sourcing materials from on-shore locations and replacing imported materials with local sources. The goal of this approach is to reduce the carbon footprint of the products that GBM makes and brings to market. Additionally, we are committed to using more sustainable materials, reducing energy consumption by sourcing materials closer to where they will be used, and minimising water usage in the overall production process. Our aim is to create more environmentally-friendly products and reduce the impact of GBM's operations on the planet.

Luke Cusack





Enhancing the environmental impact of cans through a combination of recyclability and production techniques.


Moving away from shrink and tray packaging, and aggressively targeting the reduction of unnecessary outer packaging.


Working closely with packaging suppliers to simplify the recycling process, such as separating clear from coloured glass and returning cans and board for recycling after crushing.


Increasing the use of recycled fibre in secondary packaging, but only when it is fit for purpose and working with our fibre suppliers to best utilise FSC forests for pulp supply.



Our focus is on sourcing materials from on-shore locations and replacing imported materials with local sources to decrease the overall carbon footprint of products in use, production, and the market.


Narrowing down the product offerings to include only the most easily recyclable packaging formats, which are cans, glass, and fibre.


We actively seek out CAPEX solutions that are designed to decrease energy consumption and increase operational efficiency.


We are benchmarking our maintenance plans with the goal of reducing energy use at the end of a product's life cycle, particularly during the replacement process.



  • By 2025 100% of all our packaging to be recyclable, compostable or reusable.

  • Working hand in hand with customers and suppliers to drive the circular economy.

  • By 2025 we will only be using FSC Certified fibre packaging.

  • Work to set a science based target to measure our current state.

  • Set achievable yer-on-year reduction targets per output unit.

  • Where offsets are required, work with key customers to set and agree viable options and how to effectively manage pass-through costs.

  • Setting targets around resource consumption per unit of output (energy, water, raw materials) and systematically reduce unproductive waste.

  • Incorporate “end-of-life” energy use and running cost analysis into the selection of Capital Equipment.

  • Use preventive maintenance and OPEX modeling to ensure all equipment is running to its best resource optimisation.

  • Measure our current-state and set achievable targets year-on-year water reductions per unit of output.

  • Agree with our key customers options to better recycle and utilise water in our cleaning processes.

  • Target future capital investment, finding solutions that best utilise water and minimise its use.

"At Garage Beverages, we are committed to sustainability.
We aim to reduce our environmental impact, support social
responsibility,and promote economic sustainability through
our business practices."

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